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Entry Gates of Corbett National Park

Entry gates of jim corbett national park are : Dhangari Gate, Jhirna Gate, Dugradevi Gate, Bijrani Gate, Corbett & Landscape Gate. These all gates lead to the the various forest rest houses inside jim corbett national park.


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Dhela Forest Lodge

Dhela frh has a sprawling campus. It is located in the buffer area of Corbett Tiger Reserve that was added to it in 1991. The village of Dhela close to the frh lends its name to it. Walking in the forest for birds watching is a delight anyone staying here can indulge in.


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Sonanadi Forest Lodge

Sonanadi Sanctuary is spread over 301.18 sqkm of prime forests of the Shiwalik Terai biotic province. Sonanadi literally means the river of gold. Gold panning used to be carried out in the river before the area became a sanctuary.


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Jhirna Forest Lodge

Day visit to Jhirna Zone is through Dhela Gate which is 20 Kms from Ramnagar. Its main topography mainly constitutes deciduous and secondary forest interspersed with plush open grasslands that offer amazingly good visibility of wild animals.


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Bijrani Forest Lodge

The beauty of this place is appreciated by all the visitors. This is one of the most tiger rich areas of the park.Birjani consists of a mixed topography with dense Sal forests combined with grasslands. The entry to this zone is through Aamdanda Gate.


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Dhikala Forest Lodge

Staying at dhikala forest loldge is an experience every wildlife enthusiast looks forward to. Dhangari gate is entrance for Dhikala zone & located 18 kms from Ramnagar while Dhikala Rest House is located 31 Kms inside the Dhangari Gate.


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